Monday, February 11, 2019

She unlocks the door and comes home..
Switches on the lights...thinks of all the couples she saw at the super market buying grocery together... The picture of perfect lives; it must be nice to have someone to discuss how much and what to cook and shop together as per each other's liking? But then, she has herself too. She asked herself, "sweetest love, what do you feel like having for dinner ?" Then she really gave it a good thought and said "well how about Biryani...yumm? ". She smiled at herself and said "Biryani it is going to be. Let's Google it".
Love yourself, there is nothing that you can't do for yourself that a partner would have done. You are special. Make yourself feel special.....make that effort to prepare that elaborate Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch for yourself. Take yourself out for an ice cream or shopping.
Treat yourself.
Focus on this very moment, focus on what will give you peace and take you smoothly to the next moment. Life is lived in moments.
Give yourself a chance. The best part is you can always be sure that no one is going to spoil your plan by a "no show".
Love yourself. Take care of yourself. You can always count on yourself.
Pray to the power within you.

#Raiseyourself #Designyourinterior

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