Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sacrifices... Unsubscribed

No sacrifices... It is a choice that we make....every single live in our own eyes or in the eyes of others.

To have lived a life fully lived or a life that is regarded by other lives as "fully lived", who in turn are banking on some such certificate from others for their lives to be regarded as fully lived and the chain goes on.

It is a choice every time.....whether to hold requirements and wishes as sacred just for the fact that they are not ours. And whether to brand the steps to live our dreams as selfishness for the mere fact that they are ours....

Whether to be holier than thou or to be happy; and spill that happiness around when the cup runs over.

Be happier than I was and not secretly envy every person at peace with himself/herself.

It is a choice to live life or window shop life and make a recurring deposit of all the moments and actions hoping that there will come a day on which you will be able to get a huge sum of happiness with interest of goodwill in future life.

"Future life" is a misnomer. Life is now.
All we will end up doing with these recurring deposits is convert them into fixed deposits and life insurances; Maturing at a time when we are incapable of telling between living and breathing, between talking and speaking, between seeing and looking. Between a life fully lived and a life certified as fully lived by others who would have been in turn certified thus, between being happy and being holy,  between sleeping and closing your eyes and being partially unalert , between spilling over the overwhelming happiness and giving alms of sacrifice.

It is a choice we have made all our lives. When we did sacrifice it was actually our choice to do what we did and give up what we didn't.
When we were forced to make sacrifices it was our choice at work again whether to listen to the person who wants to make a sacrificial goat out of us for reasons perhaps unknown even to him or her or a as a complement or supplement to some such sacrifice he/she has made or has been making. Even for that person it was a choice.

It is a resultant of our choices that we live. Not with some glowing halo around us or white divine feathers as our locomotor but with clipped wings and tiers and tiers of wrinkles on forehead and tiers of ageing under the weight and tension of the eyes raised in the hope of some day we will....

The day is Today
Take control. Be gallant enough to save your soul; to save and help to grow that small sapling of white light given to us when we set foot on earth.
Each man to his sapling and the world would be spilling over with white light.

Not the chain of black spots where each dark spot is filling itself with someone else's white light via a suction pump named sacrifice and creating another black spot.
Each one sucking up the light out of the nearest glow via sacrifice, creating a chain of black moving spots that indicate the lives at unease, the lives miserable.

Contrary to this a life of choices, real choices not made to confirm to other people's estimates or expectations, will be an overflowing river of light.


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...