The purpose

I just hope to reach out other minds. I can't see through the people I see around. But I believe one can do so if one gets a chance to see people, when they are among strangers, strangers who understand them better than their most ideal soul-mates.

Here I find such people and I feel fulfilled and at peace. I am reassured; yes I am human, with a thinking heart and a feeling mind;and I am not the only such specimen on this earth.

It's here I feel , as if suddenly the chaos and defeaning , mad cacaphony has stopped dead, by the defining, deciding drum beat like signals of the heart beats. The cacaphony of the noises that we make on the name of being a person of the world. Noises that we name socializing.

Tired of the unreal in the so-called real world I am here to find the real life and the real me in this so called land of imaginations, thoughts and dreams.

Want to see the Rashmi that no mirror in the real world would show me


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...