Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting for deliverance

She keeps laughing, creating waves, like the blinding lightening lest someone should see see her misty eyes n ask the reason.........."why?"

She keeps chatting, throwing words like the cover firearms, so that the sounds of her sobbing heart could pass lest someone should intercept her soul and ask the reason............"why?"

No, she is not afraid.
She can answer all "why's".
But she won't lest all her answers, her misty eyes, her sobbing heart should fall in the swamp of counter accusations, soiled, sink deeper, pulled by the dirt within, lost......

She chooses to strain her muscles to create the perfect, natural sounding laughter.

She chooses to strain her brains to think of words to say.

So that,

In that cocoon her eyes n heart can live to see a day when she can drop her guard and let her eyes be seen shining, and her heart be heard laughing, in a world, on a day, where and when it would be possible.

Till then her lips would laugh
Till then her mouth will talk.

Don't complain why both sound strained...she can't help it.

But one day you will hear a softer laugh, may be a quite sob and muffled whispers, but they would be lighter, brighter, freer. They would sheathe deliverance :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Something lingers on

Something lingers on twixt you n me. You came to my life as the first rain on parched earth. You seeped within and lent me that intoxicating aroma.That's something that lingers on twixt you n me. I called you the wind. By no ties could you be held. You touched me with the winters of my life and I stood frozen in the moment, in which your vision my eyes still held. That's something that lingers on twixt you n me
I said you are mine if to me you come back of your own accord. N to me did you come for the record. But like the breath of wine, our dialogues remind me of the past intoxicating. When reality stares with an empty gape. That's something that lingers on twixt you n me.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Love yourself
You are lovable
So I was told

I started loving myself
Left all strings I started loving myself
A constant echo walking behind me
You are worth it
Yes you can do it
I am ecstatic
I am almost smiling
Almost beginning to laugh
Suddenly my cheeks feel too tight for my smile
I am feeling light
I find my heels raised
I find my hands uplifted
I find my chest elevated
Full with the complete breath of satisfaction
My head raised
My eyelids raised
My eyes shining
My throat seeping in the newness of the air
I am about to fly


A pain in my chest
My hands fend for my heart
My heels drop
My knees break
My face kissing the ground
I strain my ears for the echo behind
It's past
Can't recall when I heard it last
No none's behind
I grope for a friendly hand on my back
It's not there
I am not being followed any more
I see my hands, gore with blood
Behind my back I've been stabbed

Note: Pure fiction :). Just a flight of my mind


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...