Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pink Roses

Someone came along and said to me you are so beautiful and went off to lead a life oblivious to me, I revelled in happiness, floated high, looked the moon in the eye.
Till a day someone came along and said to me you are ugly and went off to lead a life oblivious to me, I fell down from the great height, felt miserable and couldn't see the mirror in the eyes.
Till a day I came across the one-who-had-said- I am beautiful and the one-who-had-said-I am ugly sitting together and arguing on the color of roses to be planted in their garden. The one-who-had-said-I am beautiful said yellow is beautiful and red is ugly. The one-who-had-said-I am ugly said red is beautiful and yellow is ugly. When I approached them with an anticipation of recognition in their eyes, they didn't seem to have any memory of me at all. I tried to use their logic to decide I am beautiful or ugly. I found out I liked Pink and never could focus on the beauty or ugliness of Red or Yellow.
I was happy again.
We spend life times trying to conform to people's opinions, only to discover if we are lucky enough, that it never mattered....those opinions, even to those who gave the opinions. All we need to try to find out and gather are our own pink roses.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

This pages refreshes every attosecond !!

The origin of my journey of life is this point here now from where I can not move a step back. I still can decide the direction to take, for each one of us always ends up on a path untrodden regardless of whether the intension had been to walk a trodden path or exactly the reverse. The grounds of the journey of life are ever changing. Even if you walk on the exact coordinates stepped by your ideal you, one cannot assure you the same shady trees, the same robbers of your riches of emotions, happiness, peace or wealth, in fact one cannot assure you the same riches even if you follow the exact routine of your idol to every single moment.

To each his own journey, own decisions, own revelations and own truths. So I am rest assured that I am not going to miss out on anything. Coz I am walking on my path where the truths are yet to be revealed. I am waiting with a wide eyed child's wonder and equal overwhelming excitement for what lies ahead. The scenery keeps changing.

So here I am off to walk towards my destiny and the origin has again changed to this moment for I cannot go back to the moment when I started writing this.

The page of life gets refreshed every attosecond or quicker than that. We have a new chance at a better life every moment.

Good luck !!


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