Saturday, March 19, 2011

If I could....

There never was a promise that there would be no dark tunnels in your life.
Neither was there a promise to walk together forever.

But I promised to hold your hand and walk with you till the end of the darkest tunnel of your life.

Wish I had stayed till I could say, " the words have been kept. Light is showing. Darkness is just about to fade"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is all I can say ....

From where I am looking at it now, I don't know where to look to be able to see something. May be my life's going to be like a dream come true. May be my life's going to be miserable; but who can stop me from making it less miserable. I am not going to give up. I am fighting.

I hear and I listen too, but yes I want only to be heard not listened, so I talk and not speak.
I am going to fight with myself and the coward, the hypocrite in me, to earn every single penny that will help me earn, what people presume that I deserve, but I know within that I don't. Not yet.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moments that make life

I had been pondering over the accounts chapter and had probably read the same paragraph more than 20 times on the loop without being aware of it. When I realised it, I realised it's time for a break as my mind had already taken a break and sneaked out of the book into it's favorite game of "chasing the mouse within".

Time to discipline it. My new found enthusiasm to train my mind to obey my command, thanks to "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". (Hope it stays with me)

I looked up, in the hope of finding something that would refresh me. There was this bluish shimmer on gray, some hint of crimson, the glow, a smooth outline, a calm, tranquil, innocent, fearless, exploring body language, on a back ground of blue, blue as water but matte not shiny.

It was a pigeon sitting on the nearby asbestos sheet that covered the stairs. It looked beautiful to me now. It had always been just a fellow creature that shared the terrace with me, hardly worth a second look. I realised it was just the way I looked at it, I looked only at it, with it being the focus, and no thoughts playing a back ground cacophony.

I learnt, if we really do only one thing at a time with all our focus, that one thing will give us something.

Satisfaction and a little packet of energy to keep us going till another such moment when we look at life and love it, just love it and be happy about it; and we smile. Such a smile that while at it, when we close our eyes, the curves on our cheeks spread like ripples or waves that reach within, and touch our heart with warmth and leaves us content

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Child labour ....... what we can do ?

There are a lot of thoughts knocking at my mind right now
What can we do for these children…. We may talk about getting free education implemented for each of them…. honest distribution of mid day meals, NGO’s etc etc.

When we talk of such things, do these children have to work because their parents don’t have money to teach them… if that had been the case free education would help….  But the issue is their parents don’t have money enough to feed them and in some cases there are no parents at all. So, free education is not the complete solution. We need to ensure that there families can have enough to food so that the children can come and really concentrate and enjoy while they get this free education.

Just think of all the arrangements and restrictions on TV, ambiance for study, etc, that we indulge in when we have to study or there is someone in the family who has an exam to appear.

How can the poor child come to school everyday (even if free, with a meal for him), when his younger infant brother is wailing with hunger and he knows he could help him if he went to work instead of going to school? What would you have done had you been in his place?

I am all for free education, but there is one more shackle that binds them. The burden of responsibilities needs to be taken of their shoulders then we can stop child labour. We have to provide them with an alternative before snatching that meal they are now earning for themselves through “Child Labour”.

A mid-day meal is not going to help… that is only for one person but these young “Men of the family”are feeding their families

However till that time we must discourage Child labour in places like chemical factories, jewelery work shops, etc, where they are deprived of even things like day light and normal breathable air. 

I am not saying only children should be protected from these hazards, but looking at the pace of the things that happen around here, we can work towards creating a better world, one step at a time, without waking up the so called “thekedaars” of society who raise slogans for everything, mess up everything, and do not let any one else do anything.

Till that time what each one of us can do is provide at least one thing to these children which is there born right….. love.  Speak tenderly to the working child, he is a child after all, do not speak to his profile or profession … speak to him, to the child within him and he will respond…. Let him have his moments of innocence …. His moments of childhood……

Speak more humanely to the child who is nagging you or tugging at the ice cream that you have given to your child…. Give him something to eat but not in the manner of alms but as you would give to any child of your friend…. May not be as expensive but it would certainly make him feel good. Do not have the look of sympathy in your eyes while giving it to him… try and have the look of happiness and pride that you have when you see your own child happy. That would be a one first small step towards making him feel that he is also meant to grow up and be like you and buy things instead of begging for them……........


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...