Sunday, April 24, 2011

God Loves Me

When I was in school, may be it was class 6th or 7th (1995/96), our science teacher was teaching us about meristematic tissues in plants that help them regrow their broken branches. I thought about it for sometime and then as if I had found a key to some very expensive treasure no body had noticed.

I suddenly became very happy and excited.I waited impatiently for the class to end. My science teacher moved out of the class and I followed him as there was sometime before the next teacher could come in.
I asked him with a lot of excitement, "sir, what if we take out those meristematic tissues from plants and place some on the amputated portion of people who have lost their body parts in accidents. Then we could, artificially, create the environment required for the tissues to stay alive and grow out the flesh of the limbs from there. We can give finishing touches with artificial bones,blood, nerve fibers and some cosmetic surgery"

As I said this I had a lot of pride in my voice, as if I had thought of something nobody had been able to imagine. I was expecting a pat on my back and a look of pride on my science teacher's face. But just the opposite happened. He simply said naah....! that is too far fetched and not possible. He simply dismissed my idea and that too without granting me any emotion not even of anger. The response was too cold.

I was shattered....true.. but I did not let go of the idea.

I came home and shared the idea with my family. They were not aware of the technicalities of the idea and without thinking of the feasibility of my proposal looked at me with a lot of pride and encouraged me to pursue it when I grow up.

They were too proud that such a great idea could strike their child's brain which could be of such great value to society. My mother told me -you are born for some great cause.always remember that in all your actions.

This changed the way I looked at myself and the way I was growing.

Though, I could never actually try my idea.But years after, I felt like God had not let me down after all. My idea was not all rubbish. I read about cloning for the first time. I looked at the pictures of
Dolly and felt in some corner of the world I had some one else thinking on the same lines as me and had worked on a way around. Instead of taking the tissues which can help regrow, from plants, we have now found similar tissues within our own body. We can grow skin, nerve cells and a complete new being also as per the designs and measurements our creator had created us with.

I was ecstatic. I felt God loves me.......

Note: Re posting.  This is first article I had written when I started writing again after 4 years in 2009


Beyond Horizon said...

Truly innocence of a child with noble thinking!

Loved what your Mom said to you, you are indeed special :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Lovely write... first article after break of four years..indeed very inspiring to keep thinking afresh... good to find Heart Speak mind's idea...I agree with what what Beyond Horizon says here.. lovely words from your mother...

Keep writing RM...

Ramesh Sood said...

RM.... just thought you should have a look at the following..

Among those after writing which I felt at peace and comfort.. acutally difficult to pick from about 240 poems.what with each coming from my heart... right from my first ever post..

" Soul's Journey back home.."

I think we started blogging almost at the same time..

Harshad Mehta said...

Yes, God loves you. such a beautiful flow. Go ahead and give all you have.

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Beyond Horizon: Thanks dear for giving me confidence :)

Take care :)

@ Ramesh sir: I am blessed to have her as my mother a really strong lady and as soft and innocent.

And sir the write ups you shared with me have been all treasures... thanks for considering and taking out your time for this... yes we started blogging around the same time... I had started blogging on iTimes too a few days before Blogspot. Thinking of importing some of the articles from itimes

Regards :) :)

@ Harshad sir: I will certainly try my best :) :) Glad to have received a visit from you.

Regards :)

Saumya said...

:)...may god always love you :)...many a times this happens that we think on the same lines...but we're discouraged by some indifferent people (like ur teacher)...bu then we have some awesome people also (like moms,ur mom here) who believe in us!!

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@Saumya: Thanks dear for the wish, ... we should just have the right sense to ignore the hurdles set by the indifferent people...isn't it :)

Take care dear:)


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