Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Noah's ARK

I had a chance to watch the movie Evan Almighty. In this sequel to Bruce Almighty, Baxter, Jim's colleague in the first part, Evan Baxter has a rendezvous with the Almighty.
Baxter prays to Him (Almighty), to help him, change the world. And He obliges and gives him the raw material to make an ARK. The Noah's ARK
The movie gives a beautiful explanation to the ARK
The writer has beautifully written...Noah's ARK stands for "Acts of Random Kindness".
Only the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) can sail this earth through this flood of chaos, negativity, pessimism, violence and hatred.
If everyone believes in this theory and creates an ARK every day for some one, then we can sail thorugh in each other's ARK and can smile when we are greeting our Creater. The greater the count of one's ARK's.....the richer the person.


God created the beating, scorching summer sun, that makes hell fire look more soothing and he created the shady trees and the soft drizzles.
God created all complexities, tensions, challenges, embarrassments in life and He created a WOMAN- a mother

God created the rude, ruthless, dark, lonesome winters and He created a refreshing, vibrating, revitalizing spring
God created loneliness, people who would try to bog you down at every step, mock and criticize your every action and people who make you loose your confidence and He created a WOMAN - a wife

God created the devastating heavy monsoons, with the rains that can wash off civilizations, legacies, personalities, families in floods and He created the warm sun that can dry off the signs of devastation, replace ruins with fresh green life, and make the melancholy humid air vanish
God created defeats, gambles where one loses all, situations that make one feel like a penniless beggar and He created a WOMAN - a daughter

I am just trying to reach out to the mother, wife and the daughter in every woman around to take up the responsibility. There is utter chaos in this world, our fathers, husbands and sons need us to be the WOMAN, the Creator meant us to be.
Not to show that a woman can do all that a man can, but rather to show what all is there that only a woman can do.
We are the healers, the soothers, the mother's lap.
We are much more than only Today's woman or the Woman of the world. We are THE WOMAN, the anchors of civilization, not today but from the day of creation.
He has given us the power. Let's show it to the world.


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...