Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Noah's ARK

I had a chance to watch the movie Evan Almighty. In this sequel to Bruce Almighty, Baxter, Jim's colleague in the first part, Evan Baxter has a rendezvous with the Almighty.
Baxter prays to Him (Almighty), to help him, change the world. And He obliges and gives him the raw material to make an ARK. The Noah's ARK
The movie gives a beautiful explanation to the ARK
The writer has beautifully written...Noah's ARK stands for "Acts of Random Kindness".
Only the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) can sail this earth through this flood of chaos, negativity, pessimism, violence and hatred.
If everyone believes in this theory and creates an ARK every day for some one, then we can sail thorugh in each other's ARK and can smile when we are greeting our Creater. The greater the count of one's ARK's.....the richer the person.

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