Saturday, August 18, 2018

When she decides she will need only a minute to do factory reset
We need to protect ourselves not nature. Some of us are still thinking that we have to be conscious about nature's balance for our next generation, but it is a little more urgent than that folks. What we are witnessing in Kerala is just an illustration. She has been tolerant and forgiving till now. But even she has a breaking point. We can't expect mothers to keep getting poked and stay quiet and loving forever. They also feel the pain and will have a reflex action. We can imagine what will be the magnitude of Nature's reflex action. We have to go back to nature.
Let's not build more houses than we are actually going to live in
Let's not take a vehicle where we can walk
Let's use our containers to carry food where we can and avoid plastic packing
Let's plan to plant a tree as diligently as we plan our finances and investments coz this is the most indispensable investment. Inculcate this habit in our children also.
It is not something good to is must do... We are running out of time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It has all come true actually..... Try reading old diaries..... Some of the things we had so ardently wished for once upon a time are there with us... Or we have done things that we had once wanted to do..... I remember as a little girl I wished to wear salwar suits like elder girls and that happened.... I wanted to go to office like my father; that am doing now. I wished to have a home that I can be the master of and decide everything in that house from the colour of mugs to the daily routine.... I have all that now... We had wished to be in love... We loved and some of us lost but nevertheless the point is we did love.. We did experience that feeling of having someone special... Point is just pay a small visit to your old diary or recall the thoughts or dreams you had as a child or youth. You would have refurbished your list of things to be thankful for when you are back from that trip; with the bonus realization that dreams do come true.
It's like a 200% charge in your phone. With this start one more diary of wishes Today afresh. You will be ticking on so many of them as "done" few years or months or even days later.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Alone in the city.... And thinking that it will be a lonely weekend.....
Think to yourself; When you move someday from here and tell people that you have stayed in this city once, will you be able to say with authority that you know the city, its lanes, food, people and its language?
Now take the two thoughts together. There is a city waiting to be introduced to you and here you are feeling all alone.
Do we really need to say anymore. Go to Google but not to find images to share on FB.
Rather look for all the places in the city that you haven't seen. The places that tell the tale of the city, its culture, it history.
And later in the day if you must go to FB then also you will have a different, unique tale to tell all and also give back something to the city that's cradling you now in her lap by way of spreading word about her greatness.
The loNely will become loVely.
N of negativity replaced with V of vivacity


Friday, August 10, 2018

I still remember the pleasure I used to have when in the winter mornings I would run to the terrace to witness a little hint of green trying to break through the deep, coarse brown of the nurturing, wet soil around. Like an infant cozying up in its mother's lap, looking at the admirers with half closed eyes.
What sense of achievement it used to give me, then a child of 7, is beyond words. Coz it was the seed of watermelon that I had taken 3days ago and had sowed it hoping that it will come out. It was magic for me that the small maroon ellipse turned a tender green beauty.
I still haven't found the replacement of that feeling. So I thought; must we replace every source of enjoyment with an elders' version.
Why cannot we just repeat the same.  So I am :)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

You can take that up now...... The particular training or education that you wanted as a child or teenager but could not... May be due to parents' or guardians' pressure or due to financial situation, etc,.
You wanted to pursue life sciences but you were pushed to computer science.
In this case life science was something your heart wanted and you still take a deep breath when you see people talking with great knowledge of life sciences.
What stops you from studying it now. Educate yourself. Your heart does not need to see a certificate from any university. It jus needs to know that you have learnt all that you were inquisitive about. Find out the current syllabus of the subject, educate yourself through books that will help you bridge the knowledge gap that has come due to the developments in all these years.... You can even start with the current secondary school books of your school... That will refresh you and act as a bridge.
You can stand in front of the mirror and say to the person inside proudly that you are a master of the subject now.
And next time you can contribute actively to the discussions rather than taking a sad deep breath.
  1. Now you have time which you are spending on FB or fine tuning that presentation on weekends. Do it to enrich yourself

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

When you suddenly feel lonely and cannot think of anything to do. Just flash back a little and think... You didn't need another person to feel valued when you were in school or college. Revive that sense of pumped up happiness. Remember what made you tick then. You loved songs coz you liked it. There was no joint copyright for liking a particular song... Which you now think of as "Our song" and get all teary eyed and switch it off. It was Your song one day. Just your song... The quality of liking it is yours, personal. You own it in your right.
Just remember that person that is still inside you. That was once walking around like the emperor or empress of your own world.. Without a care in the world.
Live... Breath... Be happy... You are worth everything.. Just look at the mirror and smile #revivals #living
RM :) 


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...