Saturday, August 18, 2018

When she decides she will need only a minute to do factory reset
We need to protect ourselves not nature. Some of us are still thinking that we have to be conscious about nature's balance for our next generation, but it is a little more urgent than that folks. What we are witnessing in Kerala is just an illustration. She has been tolerant and forgiving till now. But even she has a breaking point. We can't expect mothers to keep getting poked and stay quiet and loving forever. They also feel the pain and will have a reflex action. We can imagine what will be the magnitude of Nature's reflex action. We have to go back to nature.
Let's not build more houses than we are actually going to live in
Let's not take a vehicle where we can walk
Let's use our containers to carry food where we can and avoid plastic packing
Let's plan to plant a tree as diligently as we plan our finances and investments coz this is the most indispensable investment. Inculcate this habit in our children also.
It is not something good to is must do... We are running out of time.

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