Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It has all come true actually..... Try reading old diaries..... Some of the things we had so ardently wished for once upon a time are there with us... Or we have done things that we had once wanted to do..... I remember as a little girl I wished to wear salwar suits like elder girls and that happened.... I wanted to go to office like my father; that am doing now. I wished to have a home that I can be the master of and decide everything in that house from the colour of mugs to the daily routine.... I have all that now... We had wished to be in love... We loved and some of us lost but nevertheless the point is we did love.. We did experience that feeling of having someone special... Point is just pay a small visit to your old diary or recall the thoughts or dreams you had as a child or youth. You would have refurbished your list of things to be thankful for when you are back from that trip; with the bonus realization that dreams do come true.
It's like a 200% charge in your phone. With this start one more diary of wishes Today afresh. You will be ticking on so many of them as "done" few years or months or even days later.

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