Sunday, August 12, 2018

Alone in the city.... And thinking that it will be a lonely weekend.....
Think to yourself; When you move someday from here and tell people that you have stayed in this city once, will you be able to say with authority that you know the city, its lanes, food, people and its language?
Now take the two thoughts together. There is a city waiting to be introduced to you and here you are feeling all alone.
Do we really need to say anymore. Go to Google but not to find images to share on FB.
Rather look for all the places in the city that you haven't seen. The places that tell the tale of the city, its culture, it history.
And later in the day if you must go to FB then also you will have a different, unique tale to tell all and also give back something to the city that's cradling you now in her lap by way of spreading word about her greatness.
The loNely will become loVely.
N of negativity replaced with V of vivacity


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