Friday, August 10, 2018

I still remember the pleasure I used to have when in the winter mornings I would run to the terrace to witness a little hint of green trying to break through the deep, coarse brown of the nurturing, wet soil around. Like an infant cozying up in its mother's lap, looking at the admirers with half closed eyes.
What sense of achievement it used to give me, then a child of 7, is beyond words. Coz it was the seed of watermelon that I had taken 3days ago and had sowed it hoping that it will come out. It was magic for me that the small maroon ellipse turned a tender green beauty.
I still haven't found the replacement of that feeling. So I thought; must we replace every source of enjoyment with an elders' version.
Why cannot we just repeat the same.  So I am :)

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