Wednesday, August 8, 2018

When you suddenly feel lonely and cannot think of anything to do. Just flash back a little and think... You didn't need another person to feel valued when you were in school or college. Revive that sense of pumped up happiness. Remember what made you tick then. You loved songs coz you liked it. There was no joint copyright for liking a particular song... Which you now think of as "Our song" and get all teary eyed and switch it off. It was Your song one day. Just your song... The quality of liking it is yours, personal. You own it in your right.
Just remember that person that is still inside you. That was once walking around like the emperor or empress of your own world.. Without a care in the world.
Live... Breath... Be happy... You are worth everything.. Just look at the mirror and smile #revivals #living
RM :) 

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