Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Love a flower. Once touched it remains like the fragrance of a flower on our fingers and in our senses long after we have lost the flower. We want to hold the flower and see it as it was when we plucked it.... but is bound to dry if forgotten in some closed chapter in the book of life, to get destroyed if thrown on the streets, and to loose it's colour and form if held too tightly in our hands if and when we have forgotten that what we are holding is a flower to be held delicately with the right grip, not to be taken for granted for a single moment.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Just stopped by .....in life

Sometimes you look around and see so many silent fighters ... people fighting to hold their family together... fighting to make someone hold on to life...fighting to hold on to their convictions and their own moral code... that's when you feel I can still give some more ... I still have n extra few hundred miles left in me... salute to all such people :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love me when I deserve

I can take love only as love
You may say it is not alms
You may say it is not pity
But try saying that to a broke whom you've gifted a blanket
and who has no one in the city

It feels like being a mirror
to reflect greatness
It feels being a carcass and
still being treated like an exotic breed
in the perception of the admirer there seems to be an error

I can't call it something I deserve
I understand the language where
I eat only when I can pay
I chose to die of chill can't die in the blanket of generosity
It's only a dried flower whose fragrance you so preserve

I will exercise my right to choose
The day I am on my feet again
The day I can face the sun and smile and say
There are no more shadows shackling me
I can be the fountain of joy, with the streams of happiness let loose

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I wanted it to be over......

Your love was like a sea
Sometimes the waves touched me sometimes they did not

I wanted it to be over.....

Sometimes you approached me
Sometimes you receded
Sometimes you pushed me
Sometimes you pulled

I wanted it to be over.....

You caused the shore sands to hold me
not tight enough to help me hold out
not loose enough to let me give in

I wanted it to be over......

Neither you let me drench fully
Nor let me stay dry

I wanted it to be over.....

You kept making me make sand houses
You kept breaking them

I wanted it to be over....

I wanted a finale
either I had to be in you and be you
or I had to dry off n vanish

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I am here to stay

Life goes on. I will not retract from life. I will live on. I could ask a lot of valid questions and keep myself happy, in the inability of the addressee to answer, in that one moment of victory. But what will it
give me, d truth will remain truth. And d truth is life is within me, not in wat perception someone has about me. One has to be happy by being happy....not by wondering if someone wants you to be happy or not....


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...