What overwhelms me

  • When I read a comment on my blog and I know that the person has actually understood it.

  • The rains, with a terrace available, all to myself.

  • The scent of earth when water touches it.

  • Listening to good music..... and I forget that anyone is around when it is Sufi music.

  • A giggling kid, the younger the better.

  • When I see my brothers gelling with each other.

  • When I see my Ma happy like a kid.

  • When I look at the mirror and I like what I see...though the occassions are rare ;)

  • When I notice the small cracks in a voice, which tells me how much the owner of the voice has waited for my voice

  • When I see my father getting all dressed up. Getting a compliment and getting happy about it


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...