Friday, September 3, 2010


Love yourself
You are lovable
So I was told

I started loving myself
Left all strings I started loving myself
A constant echo walking behind me
You are worth it
Yes you can do it
I am ecstatic
I am almost smiling
Almost beginning to laugh
Suddenly my cheeks feel too tight for my smile
I am feeling light
I find my heels raised
I find my hands uplifted
I find my chest elevated
Full with the complete breath of satisfaction
My head raised
My eyelids raised
My eyes shining
My throat seeping in the newness of the air
I am about to fly


A pain in my chest
My hands fend for my heart
My heels drop
My knees break
My face kissing the ground
I strain my ears for the echo behind
It's past
Can't recall when I heard it last
No none's behind
I grope for a friendly hand on my back
It's not there
I am not being followed any more
I see my hands, gore with blood
Behind my back I've been stabbed

Note: Pure fiction :). Just a flight of my mind


Beyond Horizon said...

hmm...fiction...i dont think so....d first part reflects...shines....transmits a positive energy....honestly its wat i m trying 2 do..."LOVE URSELF"....n m STILL learning it after i started reading THE SECRET...n ur post made me more confident :):):)

P.S.U R reading MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH....m eager 2 read it 2....i wud love 2 read ur view after reading it

Rashmirekha Manna said...

Hmmmm :):). Thanks dear. Glad that you could find something positive in this.

About "My Experiments.....", I would love to share the review with you once I have finished reading it. Keeping busy these days so the pace of reading is quite slow :) And yes I plan to read THE SECRET after reading your comment. Thanks :) :)


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