Thursday, February 21, 2019

...but I wanted the best for them

"I can't understand why they don't understand this simple thing " said my friend. He was upset that his parents were not ready to come and stay with him, where they get all modern amenities and comforts; where they don't even have to lift a finger.

They wanted to stay back in the small town with the crowded market place, the weekly vegetable market with muddy puddles, the occasional bull fights on the road.

He was visibly distressed. "I am trying to give them the 'best' life but they are not appreciating it". He almost fumed with impatience.

I said, "It will be alright friend. You know what, I have just the 'best' thing to lift your mood." He looked at me. I said, "I have got 2 full Kilos of Chhenapoda (sweets made of jaggery and soft cheese, a delicacy of Odisha) just for you".
He didn't look happy, "I hate sweets".

I said, "but I tried doing the 'best' for you, the way you are trying to do the 'best' for your parents!!"

#Breatheandletbreathe #Letbe #Setfree


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