Saturday, February 16, 2019

Carve the best you


A little underrated I guess when it comes to us.
Take it up for a happy, better you.
Easy steps:
Create or learn something new everyday. It may be something as simple as below
A small drawing on a random piece of paper
An original one liner by you
A small article made of waste box or paper
A new recipe
A new thing added to routine
A timetable or routine for yourself noted down on paper
Trying to adhere to the time table created by you
A new word
A new concept
Before you go to sleep remember what you did or learn newly Today and what did you learn about yourself from that.
Do your own SWOT analysis
Strength - Inherent
Weakness - Inherent
Opportunity - External
Threat - External
Basis the SWOT do course correction on the way you are taking life and work on yourself.
Every different task and your response to the tasks picked by you will introduce you to yourself anew. Thus identified you can work on polishing yourself to be a better version of you. Keep ironing out the creases one at a time.
I have heard to achieve greatness we must put behind the "Me"... but this "Me" is the thing that has to be dealt with now..... only when I have dealt with me can I think about "You".
Work on being best "Me" you know.
#Raiseyourself #Designyourinterior


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