Tuesday, February 12, 2019

1. A to do list for Tomorrow - Check
2. A list of things/states still desirable and to die for - Check
3. A list of favourite food items that cause your mouth to water literally - Check
4. A list of destinations you dream to visit some day - Check
5. A friend(s) you really mean to catch up with and blurt out all that is stacked within - Check
6. A favourite song play list - Check
7. A list of books still to be added to the list of already read and digested books - Check
8. A face that increases your heart beat - Check
9. A secret wish of changing one aspect of physical form (loose weight/gain weight/increase glow) - Check
10. A desire to learn something - Check
11. A capacity to wonder at things with wide eyes - Check
12. A little warmth in heart - Check
13. A little courage to experiment - Check
14. Enough available space in heart - Check
15. A flexible mind to accept and appreciate differences - Check
Perfect !!
You are rightly packed to embark on this journey called life with a young heart.
#Liveallout #Raiseyourself #Breatheitharmsnoone.

P.S. Pls do add if I have missed out anything

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