Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Soothe. Heal. Be kind.
It costs nothing, all you may need is a little patience and a little control on words and monitoring of your thoughts.
But the rewards include:
1. A peaceful sleep - nothing like it as precursor for a great new day.
2. Good will - we never know whose good will comes handy when we are stuck in tough situations but all of us have such moments of miraculous relief when least expected at some point in our life.
3. Friends for life
If we have not come across relief, peace and positivity and peace in past few days, months or years then it may probably be because we have not given the same to the surroundings.
Don't be tough on people in emotional situations, have a heart. Choose when to advise a person to toughen up and when to just caress his/her forehead with an intent "it's alright", "am there", "everything will fall in place".
The world is like a sea, what reaches the shore is something added to it by someone in some far off shore. Let's add good things from our end and start a trend and hope that others also add good things to the shore. Then all of us will end up getting only goodness, when we need.
The world is getting chaotic, some of us need to volunteer to bring in order and peace

#Raiseyourself #Self-Enrichment 

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