Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have just opened my eyes
the dawn welcomes me with a luminescent smile

Tell the wind I am to grow into a huge tree;
Let not the it uproot while am but a sapling

Let not the fear of the wily make my roots sulk
lest I'll keep trembling

Let not the brightness of truth ever be unfaceable for me;
lest my branches shy away from spreading

Let not the bitterness of moments gather in me
or my fruits will be embarrassed to serve

Let not the sweet fragrance of the earth be lost on me
Coz my flowers will be no good then plastic

Let me hold my ground and my words
That my trunk does not resemble the spineless

May my roots run deep
Just so winds of change donot sweep me astray

May my leaves not shy away from hard work
else I would be no better than the cuscuta

May I stay down to earth
or deprived of the humbling water I'll run rude,
dried to ashes, thrown to the winds of justice,
who'll take me to the land of loners


Beyond Horizon said...

You can't run away from the harsh wind, the bitterness...but I can see the sapling standing upright and strong...May you always...

Ramesh Sood said...

This is beautiful.. stronger roots make one face any weathers, however, windy they may be... I liked the way you have created it..

Alcina said...

That was sweet and very nice perspective..


Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Beyond Horizon : Thanks dear... I am trying to... I see you trying too... yes the harsh wind will be there but we can always hope... hope will take us from one step to another.. like small brick pieces help us cross a large puddle, when it seems impossible to cross it in one jump. Isn't it :)

Take care

@ Ramesh sir: Yes sir, strong roots can make us face any weather, what I see around lacking is a strong root system...and I see there are things and factors eating at the very root of our values... and people afraid of a little storm, themselves pulling out their roots and taking the aerial short cut roots which lands them in places where they cannot survive as healthy individuals.

The style... is honestly, trying to write something at least remotely on the foot steps of your "Human Tree".


@ Alcina: Welcome Alcina.... your first comment here. Thank you so much for liking it.

Take care :) :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

you have very beautifully expressed the way you want your life to be.
very nice depictions of numerous colors of life !!

Keep posting...

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Jyoti ji : Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. Will certainly try to be worthy of your words every time I write something.

Thanks for the inspiration

Take care :)


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