Friday, February 18, 2011


When I think the word "LOVE"

I think the word "YOU"

Tears, smiles, a warmth beneath the eyelids,
the desire to look at the sky, the desire to drench in the rain,

the desire to sit with folded hands, gazing at God's eyes and praying for every one I know, who has a problem,

looking at the mirror and smiling when the mirror looks beautiful....

All this is "YOU"

Note: It is a comment on "Oh My Darling, You Look Wonderful Tonight...":

She inspired me to write this :). Thanks Beyond Horizon


Adi said...

very nice ,beautiful portrayal of emotions,,keep pouring your thoughts as it will keep u light,,,god bless........

Beyond Horizon said...

Pristine and Elegant
words about love, for love!

I did mention how I felt about this comment on my post, as said it have my writing a soul :)
Thanks a lot!

Beyond Horizon said...

Sorry typo in my above comment
It gave my writing a soul...a life!!!

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Adi: Thanks dear... that is the kind of state of mind I want to be in... but there's something that's not letting it be. God bless you dear

@ Beyond Horizon: You made me write this. You brought a cool breeze that swept away the locks of hair, the perspiration and the lines of irritation from my face. Be there... I am trying to be firm.. I would need someone to hold on to... :). Thanks.

S said...

It is just so wonderful to see such a pleasant description of love and emotion and wishes too! :)

Lovely, lovely post!

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Sourav: Thanks to Beyond Horizon. She gave me the rope to climb up and see the beautiful and bright part of love at least in that moment when I wrote this; the part we generally skip when we have our love near us as a person


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