Saturday, September 26, 2020

The year that is

The year that is

The year of sadism

The year of the glorification of indignance, ill manners, rudeness, insensitiveness, ruthlessness, jealous vengeance. 

The year of the second handers, the ones who highlight their being with the corpses they burn, they won't be visible but for the burning  corpses. 

The year of coming forth, trying to hide behind each other, of the stone pelters who cannot  look at your eyes. 

The ever melting, ever moulding, amoeboid personalities, if such a thing exists. 

The year of the scavengers among us. 

I wonder if Corona is really the worst thing that has happened to humans or is it the thing that has brought forth the worst in us?

Is it the devil at work in some empty minds?

I wonder perhaps the ones in the jungle will be more civil.

I wonder, perhaps God is too repulsed to look at us. Has he run out of justifications to save us this time. 

Someone suggested, it will be all fine once Corona goes away. I thought "either that or I stop watching the news channels!!" 

Rashmirekha Manna

#interiordesignyourbrain, #behuman,#mannerspls

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