Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Eternal Love Story

When they fight and separate
They burn; they drown
They bring drought and deluge

When they come together
They bring saplings of vitality to life

Seven colours come into play when he runs his bright fingers through her diamond coloured hair.

When they do a show of strength
She sends her soldiers to captivate and arrest his light.
And he grins with the pride of one upmanship when he makes silver linings around the very same flagbearers of the proud queen.

Fireworks and Storms galore
Their love story like all others
Brings joy and tears
They paint the town in rainbow colours
They complement and contest each other
They burn and quench each other

Eternal love story of the Sun and Rain
The story of separation and evenings spent in vain
The story of meetings and songs sung in pain
The story of creation and Sun and Rain


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