Saturday, August 19, 2017

I believe I owe this post here

I am a believer and I follow Ayn Rand's moral code. I feel God's presence supporting all our right actions and I feel we must act where action is required. Coz God helps those who help themselves :)

Every person is composed of different elements. One cannot reject a person for one particular trait. Since I believe in God, I also believe had she been around in our times, she would have been able to see that the kind of world she stood by is not possible without someone who provides Justice to the right. Who avenged even her. There is always a reason a person is atheist. But that is only till he/she realizes that the Ultimate judge is above. She respected purity, integrity. Henry Rearden sought solace and the words of another person telling him what delivered him, in Francisco d' Anconia. We the Henry Reardens and the Dagny Taggarts of Today seek the same deliverance in people who understand ethics, morals, integrity, honesty and individuality. These are principles which are the foundation of Any Rand's creations such "We the living", " Fountain Head", & "Atlas Shrugged".
Had she come across people who practiced these in their lives through their faith in God's Justice she would have had her moment of seeing.
I respect integrity, individuality and honesty. We do not have separate categories such as Atheist Integrity, Atheist Individuality and Atheist Honesty.
Our God tells us to embrace all in our warm blanket of faith. Sooner or later spirituality catches up. One has no option but to have faith. But certainly faith should be followed by action wherever possible. One cannot expect things to happen on their own where our mental and physical efforts are required. Ayn Rand believed in doing something about things rather than thinking why it can't be done. And don't we say " God helps those who help themselves " :) I hope I have been able to answer your curiosity to some extent. Would love to discuss more on this if you are interested. I can only say the more I read the last 2 novels that I have mentioned, the more I believe in God's poetic justice and that deliverance awaits us all :)

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