Sunday, January 27, 2013


Writing something after a long time. Really really really long time.
I find myself thinking whether to write what I want to write.

Then I think of writing something that I heard and liked today.

Then I think of writing something that people will want to read, or find interesting, or will enjoy.

Our mind makes and rejects so many decisions within a span of 2-3 seconds. But why do we stress our minds so much. Why can't we just be; do what we like; be ourselves. Every person is a colour in himself (does not mean I am leaving out the hers, am sure we women are not dependent on the "/her" to make our presence felt ;) ), that way we will have variety and thus get to see more people rather than reflections of reflections of some ideal person (may be trendy or the "in" or the "happening" person also).

Sounds like preaching :). Here again, I am trying to get an immediate feedback or confirmation or acceptance. Trying to sound correct, trying to be within the boundaries of what and how much can be said staying within the people pleasing limits.

Would it make me a rebel if I do otherwise, NO, but, this fear, of not being accepted, of not being in the warm circle of "We" (herd), trying to be different but only enough to be noticed but just short of making any changes, unsettling people or making them uncomfortable.

Being a fashionable revolutionary or rebel of sorts, a revolutionary accepted by society without having to pull up its sleeves or get up from it's comfortable seats/lounges. This by design fails the meaning of the term "revolutionary". A rebel not revolting or unsettling the norms rebelled against, rather used as a logo or Brand, stylish to be associated with.

How many times do we find ourselves hating a group loudly for being snobbish and discriminatory, and feeling priviledged or patronized or even obliged to be welcomed by the same group, or to even win a good word of praise from them, for the new hair style, or the new clothes; all the while grinning, sheepishly with a look over the shoulders to ascertain how many are witness to this moment of glory.

This is still slavery of sorts, which we need to come out of. Again, "need to" might be replaced with "want to", "may like to", "would like", "would find great", "would look great", on the basis of what we want from life.

We can walk in herds and end up in slaughter houses, without knowing why we exist. Just serving to a tasty, accepted palate.

Or we can walk as individuals, WITHOUT BEING APOLOGETIC ABOUT WHAT WE ARE.
Not afraid to say and be what we want to be.

Time to fight the emotional slavery.


Ramesh Sood said...

Oh, I wrote a lengthy comment.. but it vanished.. Now I will write only this.. Let me not recognise the term 'Emotional slavery' ..let me shun the words and I don't have to fight it...I think words play with us..they want to us to understand their meaning and then find that meaning somewhere inside us and if we don't spurs us to create the same..

I am happy to see you having freed the person you detained write a week is essential.. try...and you will achieve.. God bless !! RM

Rashmirekha Manna said...

@ Ramesh sir.... What a beautiful thought n what a thought provoking perspective.. Words getting us to find them within ourselves...but then we need to practice self restraint in order to not give in to the words... To be careful while choosing the words to identify our feelings but to name the feelings...alternatively we can stop trying to name them... But what is the fun of self analysis without trying to categorize our feelings... Phew... Talkative brain... Thanks for initiating the contest of thoughts....
And above all thanks for reading and ever encouraging

Unknown said...

Nice thought


Don’t ever try to become somebody else’s dream. That is when you lose the freedom to shape your life your own way. It is way more rewarding ...