Saturday, May 15, 2021

Come back


Where are all the people, the place suddenly looks so empty.

It's like I took a break from the twilight games and when am back everyone has left.

All the blogs I used to follow and the blogs they used to follow are like dilapidated remains of a hustling, jostling, thriving house, where life used to live.

I read a blog, I write what I feel only to see that it was posted years ago. Where are you all.

Do not tell me that, you have failed or given up trying in this battle of life.

You, the ones who had the remedy in their hands all the time, the magic window to let all pain out, your poetry, your write ups. You who had the strength to wake a thousand dull souls into life. You who had the strength to turn a gloomy evening into a charming scene from a classic romance.

Please get back. Let's light the fire place, let's get back out chairs and cozy cushions and set that evening up again. I am sitting here waiting for you all. Let's live again.


Beyond said...

you've to find me on insta if you're there - not writing blogs till I return to India

Beyond Horizon said...

Hey R, I had read this post and your comment when you had published it.

I apologize for not replying.

Life! as it is always filled with ups and downs, some days filled with emptiness, some with absolute joy.

I won't promise to write consistently but (feels like) the words which had carried the pain have deserted me.

But I would come back with a life update soon.

Rashmi Rekha Manna said...

I will wait for both of you to write again


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