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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I choose in blacks n whites

I am not morose
Though I choose in blacks n whites
White or black be it what it may
But that what's within should be without
No indecisive, fence-sitting blots of Grey
No wannabe white, dwindling blacks
No wannabe black, grinning whites

They say it's hard to remain what you are within, if you have to keep up with the world.
As days turn into nights I see sparrows turning owls, and all the time playing the martyr.I see everything merging into all else.
You hold a rose and you see a cactus if you bat your eyelids twice, you think you caged a fierce beast, deprive it of the sun, the wind and the rain, and you shudder the next week, when you discover it was only an innocent deer. Not breathing anymore.... you committed the murder you never wanted to.. coz the evil blinded you with the deer skin, gore. 

I choose not to be blinded with tears of sympathy or anger or love. When the day of judging or being judged comes, I want to have my eyes open, without the coloured glasses of prejudice or perception, and the memories, I lean on, to be in blacks or whites...


Just a thought.... to me..... 

I don't know what's in store , but I know me and that I'll always have me, this very me who is writing this, to face it with.....


Saumya said...

bitter reality....of how things are changing for the bad...how every thing is degrading

but then there is still hope...coz people like you still exist in the world...spreading happiness!

loved the writeup and totally agree with you!!!

Ramesh Sood said...

In today's world..black and white stay at the same level may be on the opposite sides.. it's grey that lifts itself up and picks a bit of both depending on the time and the need and keeps on moving higher up and that's what in today's world is looked at as maturity... an essential trait..for, what is called success.. I always have to look up to see the lowest of the grey...

RM said...

@ Saumya: Thanks dear :).. not only you n me.... all the people who call a spade a spade are required to restore integrity

Take care :)

@Ramesh sir: You are right sir... but how lingering is the success of the grey. A brush dipped in grey would lose both black n white long before a brush dipped in black or white, while painting on the canvas of life...
Thank you so much sir


Beyond Horizon said...

Very True!

Theses days the most difficult is To be Self...we dont have to lose our self to live in this world

Just a thought...Its Brilliant :)

RM said...

@ Beyond Horizon: Yes we don't have to stop being us... else what is the use of trying and achieving when the person who dreams and the person who achieves the dream are not one and the same.

And yes I am honoured. More than that you make me feel loved by your constant and sincere presence

Take care :) :) God Bless You