Fellow travellers

Saturday, July 8, 2017

I hope it all makes sense at the end

I pray..

That on the last day of my life all of this makes sense to me

Why I laughed so much
Why I dreamt so much
Why I cried so much
I hope it makes sense to me

What I waited for so much
What I looked forward to so much
What was my eagerness all about
I hope it makes sense to me

Getting ready for an event and then unceremoniously putting everything back
Being about to embark on a journey and then dropping all plans
Going all the way to a stage then coming back without watching the performance 
I hope it all makes sense to me

One day I will see the completion of the tasks I take
I will see the fulfillment of commitments that they make
One day I will reach the finishing line of a race I take
And then it would all make sense to me

I hope, I pray, I entreat You my owner

Let there be one such moment when it all makes sense to me

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Love is easy if you drop your guards
It is easy to hug and just look into each other's eyes and remember everything good
It is easy to rekindle your dreams

Much easier than holding on to grudges, much easier than going through the pain of missing, much easier than bearing those deafening silences.

If only you love.......

Monday, June 19, 2017

I refuse to respond to negativity in any form, of any kind, from anyone.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Storm Knocks - 2

Here I am

At the door kept azar

The Storm let in

The half burnt thatch is threatening to get swept off of my head

The walls trembling, may be I'll be left with no curtain or shade

May be the thatch will reassure me and stay

May be the walls will prove themselves good to last till D Day.

This once I stand brave with nothing to loose.

If it ditches again Life will not choose me.... Life will be what I  choose.

Not afraid to loose the half burnt hut anymore

If you bring it down... I'd say "Come beat me life. ...encore "

For I'll walk lighter with no hut to guard or come home to.

The world will be my home...my home will be a dream I'll be reborn into.

This is a sequel to The Storm Knocks .....

Click here for reference