Fellow travellers

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Nights that used to come with a promise of rest and sleep
With a promise of dreams
Now comes like a thousand clawed demon

Poking me, scratching me, tugging at my veins and nerves, with tongs of thoughts thought beyond
Like an endless serpent trying to swallow its tail

Where are the warm, luminescent mornings, that would bare the serpent's finiteness

The morning like warm palms on my shoulders,
To make me stand
Bury my face in the certain chest
Firm in form without and firm in resolution within
To wipe my tears and tell me, "it's over.

Light and warmth are here to stay
You will neither drown and gasp for breath any more, nor wallow in the never ending darkness."

The morning that will hold my hand and take me out to show the small sapling making it's way through the bosom of mother earth

Smiling with a twinkle on the dew drop gracing it's tiny leaf. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019


This Cinderella
Tortured not by step sisters or mom
But by the princes in charming

She earned her own gown
Will in it the aisle she'll go down
Or it the moths will feast upon God knows

She lost her piece of the glass shoes
The Prince with the other half can never find his way to her
She has waited years in throws

Cindrella won't wait for the Prince charming
She will reign as the queen
Self proclaimed and coronated by the One Himself

O Lord
Help me find my Kingdom
My rule, my crown and my staff

In my Kingdom I shall cultivate, happiness, companionship, no waiting, no stiffling bitterness, no scary uncertain nights.



Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Let love be

Love is not about wanting to be with the  person.

Love is about letting the person be.

So be it.


Sunday, April 14, 2019

When you don't like a situation then accept it or act on it or quit the scene.
Blaming one's own self or destiny or others is only going to create exhausting negative energy.
Even the potter needs to give a few touches here and there periodically to bring out pottery of the desired shape.
Here the pottery to be beautified is our dear life.

#Buildyourself #Designyourinterior