Fellow travellers

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kahan shahar mera

Kis shahar ko kahoon apna
Kahan basera mera
Roz bichhati hoon khilaunon si duniya
Roz samet kar fir dhoondhti hoon naya basera

Jahan bachpan bita, kya woh hai mera shahar
Wahan koi toota khilauna tak nahi bacha mera bataur nishani

Jahan bachpan ne aankhein khol duniya dekhi, kya woh hai mera shahar
Wahan toh koi na raha mujhe jo yaad kare ya dhoondhe meri nishani

Jahan koi wada mila, kya woh hai mera shahar
Wahan toh wafa thi jaise koi ehsaan tha, aur ye chaah ki na badlein aapas me koi anmit nishani.

Nahin koi, kahin koi mera shahar
Banjaron ki qismat, aur zamindaron ka dil
Yun dhoondhne chale apna shahar
Zindagi ki shaam dhalne ko hai
Shahar ki thaur, sar chhupane door tak kisi parchhayi ki nahi nishani

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Our heart is the youngest part of our being.. The most unruly... The most easily tempted, the softest, the most eloquent.. The most un-abashed. The one that calls a spade a spade. It is upto us to listen to its valid asks like a good guardian and distract, cajole it out of its unreasonable self-destructive pursuits

Saturday, August 18, 2018

When she decides she will need only a minute to do factory reset
We need to protect ourselves not nature. Some of us are still thinking that we have to be conscious about nature's balance for our next generation, but it is a little more urgent than that folks. What we are witnessing in Kerala is just an illustration. She has been tolerant and forgiving till now. But even she has a breaking point. We can't expect mothers to keep getting poked and stay quiet and loving forever. They also feel the pain and will have a reflex action. We can imagine what will be the magnitude of Nature's reflex action. We have to go back to nature.
Let's not build more houses than we are actually going to live in
Let's not take a vehicle where we can walk
Let's use our containers to carry food where we can and avoid plastic packing
Let's plan to plant a tree as diligently as we plan our finances and investments coz this is the most indispensable investment. Inculcate this habit in our children also.
It is not something good to do...it is must do... We are running out of time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

It has all come true actually..... Try reading old diaries..... Some of the things we had so ardently wished for once upon a time are there with us... Or we have done things that we had once wanted to do..... I remember as a little girl I wished to wear salwar suits like elder girls and that happened.... I wanted to go to office like my father; that am doing now. I wished to have a home that I can be the master of and decide everything in that house from the colour of mugs to the daily routine.... I have all that now... We had wished to be in love... We loved and some of us lost but nevertheless the point is we did love.. We did experience that feeling of having someone special... Point is just pay a small visit to your old diary or recall the thoughts or dreams you had as a child or youth. You would have refurbished your list of things to be thankful for when you are back from that trip; with the bonus realization that dreams do come true.
It's like a 200% charge in your phone. With this start one more diary of wishes Today afresh. You will be ticking on so many of them as "done" few years or months or even days later.